Thursday, February 28, 2008

Masterpiece Theater

I love classical literature and reading through such books as Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robbinson, A Little Princess, and A Jungle Book with my children has been a great joy. What strikes me about the writing of that time is the prodigious number of Scriptural references woven in the the fabric of the writing of that time. Even non-Christian authors from that period refer to events in the Bible we'd consider obscure by today's standards. The Bible was the literary common ground of the people in that day and age. Preachers today cannot refer to Moses, Abraham, Jacob, or even Paul without having to explain who they were. All of this led to the following clip we filmed with the help of Celebrate Church (

Cheesy I know, but I hope it might inspire some to dig into the true Masterpiece. Thank you, Cory Vinz for all your work on this project. It was a joy working with you.